Customer Service Representative Certification (CSRC)

Acquire a Certificate in Customer Service Skills that can be applied to excel in any job working with people.

What is it

The CSRC program is a short term, interactive training program created to prepare customer service professionals with the core skills for employment within the local labor market and to result in a nationally recognized certification to qualify for employment within any customer service industry.

What is it

Individuals who benefit from this program.

What is it

It is divided into nine interactive modules that address key competency areas and core skills required for certification in Customer Service including:

  • Why Customer Service Matters
  • What Customers Want
  • Essential Customer Service Skills, Part 1
  • Essential Customer Service Skills, Part 2
  • Handling Complaints and Dealing with Angry People
  • Customer Service as a Strategic Marketing Tool & Customer Service Teams
  • Sales Skills for the Customer Service Pro
  • Communication Skills for the Customer Service Pro
  • Phone Skills for the Customer Service Pro

Each module is two weeks in length, but participants may complete faster or slower depending on individual capacity to learn and retain new information.

The classroom is located at the OWL facility where students will have opportunity to meet with their employment coordinator for other approved services. Classes are small, not to exceed six to ten participants at a time, to allow for adequate instructor/participant interaction.