Forklift Certification

Acquire a certificate that will increase your success in obtaining and maintaining employment in various jobs that require the operation of a forklift.

What is it

The purpose of this program is to equip participants with the basic skills necessary to safely operate powered forklifts in a in a manufacturing/warehouse environment.

Who Benefits

Anyone who seeks employment that requires operating a forklift. May be deemed eligible by the OVR, SNAP E&T, or the LFCUG Workforce Development programs.
There are two tracks.

Transitional Work Experience/Forklift Certification

If the consumer is also referred for Transitional Work, they will follow the procedure and process of the Transitional Work Program and receive Forklift Certification during their probationary period.

Fast-Track Forklift Certification

Participants may be referred for Forklift Certification only. They will participate in the Forklift FastTrack Certification Program (see attached Fast Track Forklift Certification Program). They are not hired as employees. They will participate in an intake, prepare and take the Forklift Certification written test, LMC Orientation, complete the hands-on, forklift training, and evaluation of skills. The timeframe to complete the program is between 18-30 hours depending upon the skill level of the participant.