Comprehensive Vocational Evaluations and Assessments

What is It

Vocational Evaluations help individuals, who are changing careers, returning to work, or entering the workforce for the first time, determine their best career options. OWL provides a comprehensive, systemic approach to assess and individuals’ contributions to the workplace, recommend job goals, and supports needed by incorporating medical, psychological, social, educational, and economic information to assist the individual in vocational development and planning. Each individual is seen as possessing his or her own unique and dynamic way of thinking, learning and working.

Who Benefits

Those needing assistance in identifying specific jobs and supports/accommodations needed. May be referred by OVR or meet eligibility requirements or the

How It Works

Goals of the Vocational Evaluation include:

  • Identify areas of employment and/or training for which an individual is best suited
  • Identify any need for additional support services and locate specific providers
  • Develop realistic vocational goals and options for reaching these goals
  • Determine areas of vocational strength and areas in need of improvement