Evaluation FAQs:

Where will it be?

  • Online, or
  • In-person at OWL (650 Kennedy Road in Lexington), especially if you need a computer or additional assistance to complete it. Covid-19 safety guidelines are followed.

With whom will I meet?

  • Lorraine Maw is the vocational evaluator. Her phone number is 859-233-1900.

How long will it take?

  • Allow for about four hours, although sometimes it takes a little longer. You will be offered break times.

What happens before the evaluation?

  • You and Lorraine will arrange your appointment time by phone or email.
  • For an online appointment you will need to reply to an email giving your consent to the evaluation. If you meet in person, the consent can be signed during the meeting.

What happens during the evaluation?

  • An interview in which you are asked about your educational history, job history, possible job goals, and barriers that have affected your employment
  • Inventories that ask questions about your career interests, learning styles, possible barriers to employment, and personality preferences
  • Inventories that measure skills such as reading, math, and how fast and accurately you can work with words or images

What happens after the evaluation?

  • Lorraine will write a report that covers everything you did during the evaluation, along with job recommendations, and send it to your OVR counselor.
  • You and your OVR counselor will use it to help make plans to reach your job goal.