Skilled Trade Academy

Skilled Trade Academy LogoOWL’s Skilled Trade Academy is an Apprenticeship program designed to provide participants a well-rounded pathway into construction trades. The program utilizes the Home Builders Institute’s nationally recognized curriculum combined with OWL’s Person-Centered focus to provide participants the skills and supports to obtain and maintain employment in a well-paying high demand industry. Work readiness is also a major focus of our program, so all participants receive workplace essential skills and career readiness training providing them the knowledge and skills required to obtain both the Kentucky Workplace Essential Skills Certificate and the Kentucky Career Readiness Certificate, OSHA 10.

The training itself integrates contextual, work-based learning with vocational and academic skills training in the classroom. The curriculum focuses on the following:

  • An introduction to the building trades
  • Construction math
  • Tool and material identification
  • Basic carpentry
  • Basic electrical
  • Basic plumbing
  • Painting and finishing


We understand participants need a source of revenue while in our program and all work experiences (the hands-on part of the training) is paid on an hourly basis each week.

The curriculum is 75% hands on, competency-based, and taught by certified instructor with industry experience ensuring quality instruction of HBI’s curriculum.

What sets us apart from other training programs is our commitment to the whole individual. The program is a 12-week journey beginning with an assessment of each prospective participant to determine program suitability, identify potential barriers, and ensure proper supports are in place as needed.