Asyrian Jackson, a determined and enthusiastic individual, embarked on a transformative journey with Opportunity for Work and Learning (OWL) and the Skilled Trade Academy. In an interview, Asyrian shared his initial discovery of the program through Waypoint, with the help of his Aunt Jerry, who recognized his strong desire to find meaningful employment.

As a newcomer to the construction industry, Asyrian admitted to feeling nervous and anxious. However, his passion for hands-on work fueled his determination to explore the possibilities offered by OWL’s Skilled Trade Academy. As he delved into the program, his interest in the craft grew, driving him to push his boundaries and see how far he could go.

Through his time at OWL, Asyrian experienced significant personal growth and a remarkable boost in confidence. He learned essential skills such as punctuality, teamwork, effective communication, and even resume-building techniques. The completion of his OSHA training stands out as a pivotal moment in his journey, solidifying his commitment to safety and ensuring the well-being of himself and others.

Asyrian expressed his gratitude for OWL’s unwavering support and patience. He enthusiastically expressed his desire to continue working with OWL, cherishing the sense of belonging and camaraderie he found within the organization. With a clear vision for his future, Asyrian aspires to obtain his journeyman’s license, inspired by the encouragement and guidance he receives from the OWL team.

Reflecting on his experience, Asyrian described OWL as more than just a program—it is a close-knit family. The supportive environment and genuine care from the staff have played a pivotal role in his journey, instilling in him a sense of belonging and driving his ongoing success.

Asyrian’s inspiring success story exemplifies the transformative impact that OWL and the Skilled Trade Academy have on individuals seeking meaningful employment. Through their dedicated support and commitment to building a sustainable workforce, OWL continues to empower individuals like Asyrian, fostering confidence, skills, and a brighter future.