EdgarEdgar is a 62-year-old veteran that could not remember his work history which appeared to be limited.  He said he worked in an Easter Seals sheltered workshop and worked as a chauffeur.  Edgar has struggled is whole life with mental health issues, which affected his ability to obtain and maintain employment throughout his life. Employment Coordinator, Andy Cotter assisted Edgar in obtaining a job at Burlington Coat Factory that he has maintained for over a year. At Burlington Coat Factory, he brings out merchandise and stocks shelves in the Houseware Department.  Edgar is very reliable and dependable.  A coworker, Lakeisha, said Edgar has a good attitude, a good personality and will do anything that is asked of him. Starla, his manager said that she would agree with Lakeisha’s assessment of Edgar.  She agreed with Lakeisha’s assessment.  Edgar has a VA social worker.  His EC, Andy and social worker help Edgar with administrative challenges.  Andy assisted Edgar with applying online for the job, interviewing, onboarding, and with paperwork at orientation. Andy continued to support Edgar over the past year with any issues such as communicating and work hour fluctuations.  Edgar said “everything turned out great”.